Letting Go

Thursday September, 10 – Day 7

This gîte was very odd. I never did see the person I was supposed to pay. I dropped my money with a note with my name and room number into a box. I’m glad I got a stamp from the restaurant last night.

I woke up at 3 am and had to take some ibuprofen. I was aching pretty bad. Last night when I said I was going to Saint Côme-d’Olt today, everyone told me it was too far, and they were going the same distance in two days. I didn’t really know what to do. I ran into Monique and the two Francoises. I found out that’s why they call her Fon-Fon. They both have the same name, so one is Fon-Fon. I asked Monique if she thought I should go less, and she said yes. So I asked her if she would call the convent I’d made reservations at and see if she could change them from tonight to tomorrow. She called, but had to leave a message.


I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, so I stopped to eat while they continued on. I was passed by the 3 ladies from the Farm in La Roche. They told me the next day after Saint Côme was booked because they were having a festival. I wasn’t planning on staying in that town anyway, but it’s good to know.

We were back in the trees for a bit today, which was nice. Then we were right back out of them. It is quite beautiful country. I stayed with Monique’s group for most of the day, waiting to see if the convent called back. It was a very frustrating day. Part of me wishes that I hadn’t listened to anyone and just went on to Saint Côme-d’Olt and my reservation at the convent. I really want to stay there. At the time I’m writing this, I still have no idea if they have room for me tomorrow or not. Since she had left a message, I didn’t want to continue on and get there and find out they’d cancelled it. So I had to stay with them and wait, and no one ever called back. And then I’d waited so long, it was too late and too far to continue on. So I learned some lessons today. It’s also hard to let go of things I don’t have control over.


On the bright side, the place I chose to stay at in St. Chely du Arbrac has wifi that works wonderfully well! So I can get caught up on the last 4 days of my blog. I just hope tomorrow works out how I’d like it to. Keep your fingers crossed.

I left the crew after lunch. It was a long, very long, downhill into St. Chely, and Monique had to go very slowly because of her feet. I decided to make the best of it and get to the hotel and get caught up.

I walked with Megan for a bit more. I think we’re staying in the same place. I thought I was getting a chambre d’hôte room, but I’m in the gîte. That means I might have a roommate again.


Dinner was quite good. Megan and I had a little table together, and we had a very organic conversation that morphed from one thing to another. Dinner was an option of a salad and quiche, or a legume soup. It was Megan’s bright idea to get one of each and swap halfway through. The soup was really just a vegetable broth with croutons and some cheese. Not at all the hearty vegetable soup I was picturing. The next course was a pate stuffed cabbage and macaroni and cheese/butter. I’ve discovered that not all pâté here is liver. It was basically meat stuffed cabbage. Then dessert was a choice of various things, but we both chose the chocolate mousse.


The good news is I saw Monique, and the Convent said yes! They have room for me, so it did all work out. I am very glad, because I would have been very disappointed.



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  1. I am SO enjoying your journey!! I can’t wait to hear about your stay at the convent. I’m glad things are going well for you!!


  2. Hooray for wi-fi! I love the trail next to the stone wall. And the clouds. Pretty!

    Are you planning to stay in touch with anybody? Exchanging contact info?


  3. Have a lot of the other people done the Camino before? I’m wondering whether their advice on how far to walk each day has a basis in experience, or if there’s no particular reason to listen to them. It seems like sticking with your original plan would have worked out fine! 🙂


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