Convent de Malet

Friday September 11 – Day 8

Today was only 10 miles, so I got a lazy start. I had a nice long breakfast, enjoying my bread, butter, and jelly. By the time I checked out and got on my way, it was 9:15. It was a little climb out of the valley, but not too bad. Leaving the town you have to cross over a little bridge, and go by a cemetary.

It was a pleasant morning walk, and because I was leaving a bit later, I was all alone for most of the morning.

After passing through a small village, I came to a forrest on the side of the mountain. These forests are quite different than anything I’ve walked through before. Lots of birches and other deciduous trees. The morning light coming over the mountain and through the trees was so beautiful. It’s one of those things that pictures just can’t do justice to. It was seriously one of the most beautiful forests I’ve ever been in.

I came out on top of the mountain to some open fields. It was mostly walking through shady lanes, so it was very nice. Another very beautiful day.

I came across some people lunching off the trail in the field, and my hunch proved to be correct as it was Etienne’s group. I said hi, had Etienne take my pic, and moved on. Heading down this side of the mountain leads into the Lot River valley. It was a very long downhill.

The city is Saint Côme d’Olt. The Convent de Malet is just on the outside of the town.

I checked in and went to my room and showered. My first roommate came in, Myoko, and she was speaking very good English! Turns out she spent a year in Portland, Maine as an exchange student. She is one year younger than I am. She said she was happy to see an American, because she hadn’t yet. I told her about Megan, and not 5 minutes later Megan walked in the room! They must have put us together on purpose.

The view from my window

After doing laundry we walked into town to explore a bit before Vespers.

Vespers was in the Convent church at 6:30.

Dinner was cafeteria style and there were lots of nice vegetables. The cabbage dish threw me, because it sort of looked like kimchi, but didn’t taste anyything like it.


It’s supposed to rain really hard tomorrow in the afternoon, so everyone is planning on getting an early start. Megan and I are going to the same place. All of the hotels in the area around Estaing are sold out because of a festival, so we either had to take a really short day or a longer one. We’re going longer… hope it works out!



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  1. I love the goat. And the baby cow. (Awwww!) Gorgeous town!
    That does kind of look like kimchi! (I hear you may run into a lot of Koreans on the Spain road.)
    Good luck with your long day!


  2. Blackberries! or should we say, mures! (I’m not sure how to put the “roof” over the “u” to match the French orthographics). a nice forest, indeed.


  3. I hope the rain gear works out tomorrow!


  4. I really enjoyed the wonderful forest, and everything else too. Do I remember that Megan is from Portland? If so, do she and Myoko know any of the same people? I hope things go OK with the rain tomorrow. 🙂


  5. I love the light and shadows in the forest, and the kaleidoscope of colors projecting onto the chairs and floor. Those stained glass windows are beautiful!


  6. That forest makes me think of princesses and fairy tales. It’s so beautiful!


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