Rest Day 7 – Monday, September 16th – Piacenza

I do think my ankle is going to get better, but time will tell. Apparently I did a pretty bad job of taping it, because it’s already starting to come off. Catching on the sheets and such.

I laid in bed getting caught up a bit on my blog, but I was also trying to figure out how to do the next couple of days. Soon we will be going back into the mountains. Hopefully my ankle will be happy by then.

Gavin and Jill recommended that I get help booking from the tourist office, which I think is a fabulous idea! So I was trying to get things planned before I headed out. I left around 10, much later than I wanted.

When I got to the tourist office, Gavin and Jill were already there! But when we asked about help with bookings, they said they weren’t the tourist office. They are next door and they are closed on Mondays. Well, crap. 


I was going to walk around looking at churches today and Gavin said there was an app for Piacenza. I went back to my room to download it and go to the bathroom, and headed back out.

I made it to one church, San. Sisto, but then the app stopped working.

I headed to the basilica I passed on the way in yesterday. It was open, but mass was getting out, so I didn’t go in. It was closed today. Poo.

I headed to some other churches that were open!  I just used google maps instead.

But then I ran out of time and it was noon, and a lot of them close for the afternoon.

I went to the restaurant by my B&B for a cheap lunch that I should have done yesterday. 3 choices with water and cover for 10 E. I got fusilli with tomato and ricotta, then chicken and green beans.

I actually really wasn’t hungry, but I knew I would be later if I didn’t eat.

I went back to my room and did some more blog stuff and ended up taking a nap. I still needed to book accommodation, and I dreamed about it. I was trying to say in Italian I needed accommodation, but I lapsed into French, and the guy said, in English, “you’re speaking French,” so then I tried to ask him if he spoke French. Trying to book is definitely the most stressful part. It was easy in France because I could ask my host to do it, but here we often don’t have hosts, really. Or it’s hard to explain what you want because they don’t speak any English.

I heard my host checking someone in, so I went out to talk to her. I asked her for a stamp, and also how I check out in the morning if I leave before breakfast, and if she could make a call for me! She said, of course! The first place she called was a private room, but they were full. Then she called the parrocchia, and I got the last bed for the night. Whew.

I ended up calling the next place myself and it went pretty well. I asked for Wednesday and she said si. I told her my name, and she told me, I think, that I can arrive at 3, but then she said 4. I hope it’s 3. I hope that works out. I hope it all works out.

I went back out for round 2 of churches at 5. I wanted to make sure I had time to do it in case there were any masses before dinner.

I saw the church on the main square. There was a wedding there yesterday.

Then I went to the Cathedral.

Then I went to a basilica.

Then another basilica I think?

I met Terri for dinner at an Irish Pub and I had a delicious hamburger!

I really like Piacenza. So far it’s my favorite little big city in Italy. It has a really nice feel to it.


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  1. Gorgeous pics! Glad your ankle is doing better and you’ve met such helpful people!


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