Last Day in Santiago

Sunday, November 22

I did not sleep well last night. I was up very late catching up on my blog, and then I had to try to unwind.

I woke up a little after 8 and decided to go ahead and start getting ready. I forced myself to eat the muffins, bananas, and oranges that I had left. If I had been thinking at all the day before, I would have gotten some hard candies for the bus. My motion sickness feels better if I eat, and sucking on candy seems to help. The tricky part is when I’m already nauseous from the thought of food, so eating doesn’t necessarily help the motion sickness. I’m just doomed.

I got to the bus in plenty of time. I managed to get a seat in the second row. I had water, and plastic bags, just in case I had to throw up.

The bus from Finisterre to Santiago stops in Cee, Munios, and another city I don’t remember. They are all costal cities, so the bus follows the coast. Yup, it’s pretty bad. Beautiful, but a nightmare for people who get motion sick. So much twisting and turning and speed changes. I had my eyes closed sometimes, and discovered that fanning myself helped a bit.


When we stopped in Munios, I really didn’t think I would make it. But then, we got a new driver, and it was amazing how much of a difference it made. I think he was a little slower, but he was just smoother as well. My nausea decreased dramatically, which is a miracle. Once I get car sick it never goes away while I’m still in the car, and usually not for hours afterward. I was also very tired and yawning a lot, so I wonder if that affected it at all.

Anyway, I made it, and I didn’t throw up at all! It was bad enough, though, that I was pondering walking back instead. I was also marveling at everyone who was completely unaffected. What must that be like?

Some people asked to be let out at the train station, and it probably would have been better for me to get out there. I had no idea where the bus station was, though. Turns out it was kind of in the same area as the church building was, so I got to walk the camino into that part of the city, again.


As I was walking in, I got a text from Tracy asking where I was, so I said I would be at the Cathedral soon.

When I got there, I didn’t have to wait long before I saw her and Ringo walking out of the Parador. How fun to see them both! It was really nice to have a little reunion.

We went and sat in the Parador and had some drinks. I had orange juice, but even with that I still felt a bit nauseous. I feel like I’m going to be nauseous for a long time. I’m traveling a bit every day, so I think that will just keep it going. I’m really not looking forward to the next 50+ hours.

We went to the Cathedral again. It was nice to go back. I had remembered from “The Way,” they come in the main door and there’s a place for pilgrims to put their hand on a statue. I wanted to look for it. The reason I hadn’t seen it before is because it’s in the restricted area of the restoration construction. It would be interesting to come back when that’s all done.


I didn’t really have a good time in Finisterre either, and I just wasn’t thinking clearly. I realized after I got back to my hotel last night, that there were other reasons to go to the lighthouse. It wasn’t just to watch the sunset. I’m pretty sure that’s where the final 0 km marker is, and I totally missed it. It’s ok, though, because I didn’t actually walk that part.

Anyway, there have been a few times when I’ve been thinking about correlations between the camino and Survivor. Survivor is 39 days. The standard camino is less than that. The camino feels like lifetimes. I can only imagine how long Survivor feels. Also, I remember people saying how at the end of the game you just can’t think straight. I’ve felt like that. There are things you don’t do just because your brain isn’t working.

We made plans to meet up for dinner, and Sandra will be there as well!

I’ve been trying to contact Claire, but Facebook messenger apparently likes to eat messages and send them whenever it feels like it. I got multiple messages from her yesterday saying that she was in Santiago and would be there for two nights, but I have the feeling she sent it on Friday, and so I’ve just missed her. I was really hoping I would get to see Claire again, but maybe that will be another time as well.

I tried to stop by the shell drop off place for Denise, but it was closed and doesn’t open until 11 am tomorrow. My train leaves at 9 am. I’m going to have to figure something out. I could probably just leave it, but I might be able to find someone who can take it.

I checked into my hotel and got my box they had been holding for me. They also printed my train ticket, and will be able to print my boarding pass tomorrow. I can check in 23 hours before my flight, which is 7 am or later tomorrow. I assume I’ll get my boarding pass when I check in.

I am ready to be home. I hope dinner tonight is good. I’m also very glad I get to spend my last night in Santiago with some good friends. I need to remember to get some hard candy for the train!


Dinner was wonderful.  I managed to eat something that didn’t completely turn my stomach.  It was a mushroom pasta that was actually pretty good, and there was salad, and ice cream for dessert.

The best part, though, was spending it with these wonderful people.  It was so funny.  After dinner, Ringo and Sandra were saying something about a lady across the room and wondering if she was smoking (they were looking for a lighter), and Tracy was trying really hard to distract me.  I had no clue what was going on.  Then the waiter came and passed Ringo something under the table, and Tracy was still trying to distract me, even though I didn’t realize it at the time.  Then I heard Ringo trying to use a lighter and set fire to something in his lap, and it really made no sense at all until they started singing Happy Birthday, and Ringo pulled a box of cupcakes out.  The waiter even got into it by playing Happy Birthday over the sound system.  It was so, so sweet!!  So kind and thoughtful, especially after the miserable birthday I’d had.

I did not think to take a picture, because I was taking a video instead.  I’m hoping that I will be able to put together a video of all of the different clips I’ve taken.  I didn’t take very many vids, mostly because I was worried about running out of space.  I wish I’d taken more.

We parted ways at the end of the night, and Ringo took my Denise shell, saying he would take it to the office when he gets back from Finisterre next week.




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  1. I have been missing your blog–I totally realize you are no longer walking the Camino, yet I still missed it. Thanks for one last update.


  2. I am so glad you posted about your last day there! What sweet friends!


  3. The birthday cupcakes were such a sweet gesture, indeed!


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