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Tuesday, September 22 – Day 17

I woke up this morning to gray skies which promised more rain. It seems lately it’s either been full sun or rain, nothing in between. I’m glad my first week was so nice.

I got a real picture of Danielle and Christine.


As I walked up the hill to leave the village, I noticed something was a little off. I had coughed a few times yesterday, and thought that was rather odd. I don’t usually cough. As I walked up the hill, I had a bit of a burning sensation in my throat and left lung. Usually when I get sick, it’s all head congestion, but I could tell this was different. I’m getting some kind of respiratory thing, and that can’t be good for walking.

The walk itself was another unremarkable day, which was good, because I spent the whole day in my head anyway.

“I don’t want to go to the doctor. I’m going to have to go to the doctor. Do I need insurance? I bought travel insurance, but they won’t cover anything until my other insurance has rejected it. I didn’t bring my regular insurance information with me. What if I end up in the hospital? What if I don’t get to finish walking and have to go home? I still have 1200k to go, and at the rate I’m going I will need the whole time. I’ve only come 400k in 3 weeks! *cough cough* Ow, that hurt.” Etc.

It sprinkled off and on, but finally started raining for real about 11 am. I’m also walking through more modern France.  I don’t know if the quaint village days are entirely behind me.  I hope not.  I will miss them.

I’m not actually on the GR 65 at the moment, and it isn’t the GR 651 either. The path markings are the same for all the variants. I’m either on the 36 or the 46, but I don’t know. I followed the river for a good part of the day, so luckily it was pretty flat. I got to a point where I could choose a path. I had originally decided to go south, but after looking at the map, and with the rain, I thought taking the North route would be faster.

I got into Cahors at about 12:30. I didn’t know what time my chambre would be available, so I went to look at the Cathedral.

After coming out, I saw Danielle and Christine sitting outside. It was nice to see them one last time. Christine said if I ever come to Lyon, I can stay at her house. So nice!

I decided since it was lunch time, I should eat some food before going to try to check in. It was decent. Not the best ever, but it was good. I really, really like duck. It was a chef’s salad, then duck confit, then for desert I ordered profiteroles. I’ve heard the name before, but I didn’t know what it was. It was better than I could have hoped for! Google says profiteroles are cream puffs, but this one came with ice cream in it! Which probably isn’t good for the lung thing, but I ate it anyway.

I went to the address in the book, and it was a big scary door next to an empty shop that used to be a butcher. I pushed a call button next to a name that was the same as in the book, and I asked, “Chambre d’hôtes Libération?” and the man said, “oh, yes, I’ll be right down.” Turns out my chambre is a room in a family’s apartment, which I was not expecting. Cyril and Emma, and they have a toddler and a cat. I asked if the room was available tomorrow night as well, because if I was getting sick I would like to go to a doctor, since I’m in a big city. But I was also worried, because I didn’t know it was in their home, and if I was getting sick, I wouldn’t want to be around their child. They said it was ok, and I could stay tomorrow as well.

This is the view from my window.

I went to the store and bought some juice and cookies and a sandwich, because I didn’t particularly feel like going out for dinner.

I don’t like the idea of being sick, and I don’t usually go to the doctor this early, but if I really do have some kind of infection, I don’t want to keep walking away from a big city.

We will see what tomorrow brings.



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  1. Heeeeey, It’s Elizabeth (liz), the Belgian woman you met when we got a bit lost 😉 (read: when we wanted to check the statue in Sauges…). I’m home now and I was thinking of the trip and the people I met. You were a great co hiker and a very warm and positive woman. I was so curious about your trip. Because you wrote things with the little keyboard and you took a lot of pictures, I tried to find you on the internet. And it worked out! It’s amazing that I found it. I think the statue has anything to do with it.
    I hope you’ll get better soon. Go check the doctor and take a day off. Take good care of yourself!
    Have a great trip, free your mind and enjoy silence, nature, people, villages, views, thoughts, … Take care and good luck!


    • Elizabeth! How wonderful!! I have been thinking about you, too, and wondering how you were doing. How are your feet? Were you able to contine, or did you have to go home early? The last I heard was from Megan. She said you had a huge open ulcer on your foot that might end your trip early. I’m so glad you were able to find me. I hope my trip will not be cut short. I’ve only had one little blister so far, which I keep forgetting to write about.


  2. I am sorry you are feeling sick. I hope you feel much better soon!


  3. Really cool pictures again. I’m glad we were able to Skype this morning. 🙂


  4. I think I’ve only had duck once. It was in a really spicy soup, so I couldn’t really tell what the duck tasted like.

    I hope your cough is better soon! How fun that Elizabeth was able to find your blog. Hi! 🙂


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