I Needed This

Day 49 – Friday, September 20 – Fornovo di Taro to Cassio – 21 km

So Emilio’s group never did show up. We were joking that his group of 3 was the same. group that bumped Gavin and Jill out of Medesano. It very well could be. When people don’t show up to a reservation it’s not usually because they decided to go farther.

Apparently this town really wants everyone to wake up at 6:30. They just kept ringing the bell.

I got ready to go and ate my breakfast of two bananas and a peach. 

I was out the door at 7:20. Not too bad.

The couple from Holland sharing my room had left earlier, but they stopped at a bar for some coffee, so we actually started walking up the street at the same time.

Right away it was a climb out of town and I was so happy to be going up again! They had started walking from their home in Holland, so they also went over a lot of mountains on the way.

I seemed to be having no problems with my ankle, so I was able to go at a fairly fast pace. It just felt good to not be going flat. 

It was, however, on the road. For the first 10k or so we just followed the road up the mountain and between mountains. It was a little disappointing, but I was just happy we were in mountains at all. If we were in France, this path would have been going up and down all the hills.

There was one little bit just outside of Sivizzano, where it diverted us to the left, over 3 creeks and through a plowed field, then spit us back out on the road. It seemed completely pointless. Were they just trying to show that it wasn’t all road walking? It did provide some nice cover for a potty break, but other than that, it didn’t make much sense.

The road continued, but it stated climbing a bit more. I seemed to have no issues, with my foot or my legs or my breathing. It was like I’d never left the mountains, except maybe my knees are  more healed.

I went through a few little towns.

Then after Terenzo, it finally put us on a gravel mountain road, which was quite a bit steeper. I started becoming much happier.

The clouds descended as I ascended, so there was no view at all.

But then I arrived at some kind of pass, and started going down the other side, and it all just cleared up.

I finally got to see something! 

The rest of the day was just perfect. It was my kind of day. Mostly up, and in the mountains. It did my soul good. I really needed today. It absolutely gave me the boost I needed. And my ankle seemed to be fine! I don’t know, we’ll see. Sylvio had suggested that maybe the injury was due to too much repetitive movements with it being so flat, and not enough variation with the ups and downs. Maybe? I just hope it continues to be ok.

It’s nice to know Italy has some real hiking. I hope we get to do more of it. Tomorrow should be nice as well.

I got into town at 1. I saw the two French ladies leaving the bar and coming toward the ostello, but they continued on to Berceto. I went to the bar and had some gnocchi with ragu.

When I went back to the ostello, I saw a man there. He had just checked in Elisabet from Holland, because he saw me and said, “Elisabet from USA.” Yes! That’s me.

So far I have the girls room all to myself.

There’s no WiFi here, so I went back to the bar to catch up on my blog. While I was sitting there, Gavin and Jill walked by. They went to check in at the ostello, but the guy put them up in the B&B instead. I guess because they ran out of married rooms?

Dinner I had gnocchi, but it wasn’t very much so I was disappointed. I also got a salad and semifreddo for dessert. Marco, Paul, Gavin, Jill, and Bert photobombing in the back.


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  1. The misty mountains are lovely! I’m glad it was a good day!


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