Happy Birthday to Me

Thursday, November 19 – Muxia

I slept very well. The bed is wonderful.

I kept going back to sleep this morning and finally got up about 9. I went down for breakfast. There was something new that I decided to try, some kind of cereal. Big mistake! Maybe it’s imported from the US. I had to stay close to the bathroom for a while.

I headed off to explore the peninsula. It was cool and cloudy, but at least it wasn’t raining. It was a beautiful morning.

I went and sat on the rocks by the church and watched the waves for a while.

About 11 I decided to climb up the mountain. There was a beautiful view of the village from the top. At the top, the only real way is to go back down the way you came, and then it would be quite a long walk. I decided maybe there was a faster way down. There had to be! I went down a short ways, and thought better of the idea and decided to turn back, but then I saw some arrows! Someone had obviously marked a path (going up, not down) so I decided to follow it. I’m adventurous, and as we’ve already discovered on the camino I’m entirely too trusting of moss and lichen covered rocks.

I came to a rock face that I should have descended sitting down, because I fell and scraped my leg, both knees, and my right elbow. My elbow hurts quite a lot. Yup, it was pretty stupid. I had to continue down and made it safely, but my pride and various other body parts were wounded.

I went back to my hotel and took a shower and scrubbed everything with soap, and then slathered neosporin on all of the wounds. I really hope nothing gets infected.

My skirt was bloody, and the sleeve of my jacket.

I went back to the beach I had walked in on, to go beach combing. On the way, I stopped and got a hamburger for lunch. It was good!

Because it was earlier in the day the tide was in. It wasn’t great for looking for seashells. I made my way along the beach looking at stuff and peeking in tide pools.

By the time I made my way back toward my hotel at about 3:30, the tide was going back out and there were lots of shells to be found.

I took another shower and got my laundry ready to be picked up at 4. Then I laid in bed and nursed my wounds and ate a lot of chocolate.

I headed back out to the rocks by the lighthouse for the sunset. I missed the actual sunset, but I still got to see pretty stuff and waves. It was very nice.

I got back to my hotel about 7, but my laundry still wasn’t back. It came back right before 8. Yay for clean clothes!

I headed off to look for some food. I should have gone back to the same place I went last night, but I wanted to try something new. I ended up at the same place I had lunch. Really bad mistake. The food wasn’t fresh, and it was so salty I could barely force myself to eat it. I did force myself, though, because I’m walking tomorrow. I’m still seriously wondering if it will stay down the whole night. Seriously the most disgusting meal I’ve had on the camino. Happy Birthday to me!

I hope I feel better in the morning.



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  1. Oh, Betsey, your poor leg!


  2. That is a nasty scrape! No fun!


  3. Betsey, I know I am awfully late in reading this. But I just want to wish you a very belated birthday, and to say “what a coincidence! My younger son’s birthday is also Nov 19th – 1976”! You are certainly one kick-ass woman! OK, now I’ll continue reading your postings.


  4. What a beautiful place to spend your birthday! Too bad for the fall and nasty dinner though!


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